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The Mission of The Dad Edge

The Mission of the Dad Edge Community is to strengthen and empower men, simple as that. Men thrive in tribes. Men are more successful in packs. You will have access to vast resources that will help you unlock the secrets to a living a life of significance. You will learn how to be more mentally tough, emotionally resilient, focus on gratitude to develop grit, and to leave your mark on the world, your family, and your life.

Video Resource Library

You will have access to several videos on several different topics that will help us with business, relationships, finances, and fitness.


Weekly Community Calls

The Dad Edge Community will have a virtual group meeting/call that will be 45-60 minutes every week.  Each week we will strategize, communicate, and share insights with each other to be better men, husbands, fathers.


Private Dad Edge ALLIANCE Community FB Group

The Private Dad Edge FB Community provides an excellent platform for the members to access community experts and other members. It is also a great place to share insight, strategies, pose questions, and share advice.


Access To Family Financial Experts

50% of all divorces are because of financial strain on the marriage.  The Dad Edge Community Members will have access to our panel of family financial experts to help provide insight on family debt reduction and wealth accumulation.


Coaching Call Recordings

Every week we will record our weekly group calls. So, if you miss a call, NO PROBLEM. You can always go back a listen or watch the video. These will be posted every week in the Private Dad Edge Facebook Group.


Monthly Elite Guest Speakers

Every month we will feature an elite guest to speak to virtually speak (ZOOM CALL) to our community. The community will have opportunities to be connected to our guests, ask questions, and interact. Some examples of our elite guest speakers will be professional athletes, New York Times Bestselling Authors, Navy Seals, and many more.


No long Term Commitments

We do not do long term commitments. Once you are no longer getting value, you can leave at any time.


Access to Health and Fitness Coaches

Most busy dads struggle with optimal health.  However, optimal health, nutrition, and exercise is critical to show up 100% for our family and business.  Our members will have access to our health experts who can help you achieve fitness goals effectively and efficiently.


Join The Dad Edge FB Group

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How To Get The Dad Edge


Successful men achieve their goals when they are surrounded by other like-minded men.


Our journey as a successful man and father starts with our own mentality.  Success starts when we are open to learn from others and when we empower others to be their best.


We are a community of high integrity men with a mission to be our best every day.