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The Dad Edge Alliance

The Most Successful Men Thrive in business, life, relationships, and fulfilment when they are a part of a tribe

Jim Rohn once said, “We are the average of the five people we spend the majority of our time with.”

Let’s face it, the most successful people in the world are successful for one simple reason...they surround themselves with other like-minded successful people.  However, most men think they have to live life as a one man wolf pack.  We feel we must take on life without any help, without any assistance from others, and most of us have an overwhelming fear of failure.  Not to mention, we don’t want anyone else to see that deep down we struggle, we have insecurities, and we can be overwhelmed by everyday life.


  • We are Men:  The simple fact is most of us do not share struggles, concerns, feelings, failures, or even victories.  Women do this very well, but we don’t.  However, it is essential for every SUCCESSFUL man to have a trusted board of advisors or a group of like-minded individuals they can go to for support, advice, or simply a place to vent troubles and concerns.  Life is better lived in a tribe and not alone.


  • We will always let ourselves off the hook: The most successful men in life (not just business) have a group or a board of advisors that will keep them accountable. When we have a trusted group that keeps us accountable to achieve our goals, we are more likely to achieve them.


  • We can’t see our blind spots:  As former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt said, “one thing you can never do is see yourself the way others see you. This is where a group, tribe, or  mastermind can help you see the true reflection of yourself.


  • You have access to the RESOURCES of everyone in the group:  Imagine asking for something and have several people work with you to get it.  IN fact, imagine not even being aware you need and having the same people see it clearly and offer to push you to the next level.


  • Successful men have access to a greater network of people:  It’s is currently thought that each adult has access to approximately 225 people that have positive feelings towards them.  If we all have our own 225 people, that means a group of 50 men will have access to 11,250 others.  Men are more successful when we are surrounded by a vast network of like-minded men.


  • YOU have expertise to share:  Successful men know their strengths and they share these strengths with other men (Iron Sharpens Iron).  Part of being in a group of successful men who are leading fulfilled lives, means you will strengthen and empower others as they will empower you.


  • Successful men all have coaches:  When we have a coach in our lives (or a group of like-minded individuals pushing us forward) we are 7 times more likely to achieve our goals than if we went at it alone.

 What you get when you join The Dad Edge Roundtable

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